Edgmond Wines


Welcome to Edgmond Explorer, the exceptional wine subscription service that sets itself apart in Shropshire and beyond! We focus on catering to Shropshire wine enthusiasts, providing 12 exceptional wines for as little as £95 a month.

Now I know what you are wondering – isn’t there already enough fantastic wine services like Naked Wines, Majestic, and Virgin? While those are all exceptional, Edgmond Explorer distinguishes itself by being a personalised service!

Our journey into the world of wine is extraordinary, and we aim to reflect that in the carefully curated selection of wines offered to our Shropshire members.

Each month we meticulously handpick wines based on individual preferences, ensuring that our Shropshire members’ tastes are well catered to. Whether you prefer 10 full-bodied reds and 2 crisp whites one month or perhaps 9 fresh whites and 3 lighter reds the next month, we will tailor your case just for you.

We source wines from around the globe, adhering to strict criteria of deliciousness, exceptional value for the price, and crafted with love by talented winemakers. This dedication to quality means that each case you receive will often include highly limited and exclusive wines that you won’t find anywhere else in Shropshire. In fact, a minimum of 2 bottles in each case will be what we consider fine wine—usually selling for well above £15-£25 per bottle—yet all our wines offered in each case are typically sold at £10 per bottle or more!

But that’s not all! As a Shropshire member, you’ll enjoy a multitude of additional benefits when you subscribe to Edgmond Explorer.

There’s no long-term commitment required. You can cancel at any time. So why not give Edgmond Explorer a try and experience the finest wines Shropshire has to offer? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Edgmond Wines


£ 95 per month
  • Just £7.92 a bottle average
  • Convenience - take out all the hassle of selecting wines yourself
  • Each case comes with at least a £50 saving – that equates to 33% off’

Step 1

Register for an account & login

Step 2

Click the ‘Register for the Edgmond Wines Explorer Subscription’ button

Step 3

Complete the Direct Debit form

Step 4

Complete the registration form with your delivery information and wine preferences

So, how does it work?

An Explorer receives an email 7 days prior to their Direct Debit going out (1st working day of the month), showing the case of wines for that month.

Explorer has 3 days to amend the case (e.g. choose 10 whites & 2 reds or 8 whites & 4 reds), otherwise the suggested case will be delivered.

The wines are then delivered after the Direct Debit is confirmed.

But that’s not all…….

Explorers save at least £50 per case – that’s at least 33% off! And the average bottle per case starts at as little as £7.92!!

And Explorers receive at least 2 fine wines – normally priced at £15 to £25 a bottle!

Explorers can also top up the number of cases each month and take advantage of exclusive discounts and special prices on wines.

Of course, Explorers can also wish to cancel their subscription at any time.

There are a whole host of other benefits, including first access to newly shipped wines and special wine tastings and events!

So what are you waiting for?